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Uncover the amazing resorts in Rocky Point along the Sea of Cortez

Whether you’re renting or buying, find out where and how to get a great condo at one of the Rocky Point resorts on the beach of the Sea of Cortez.  Rocky Point has quickly become one of Mexico’s premier tourist destinations.  And, it’s only one hour south of the border!

Some exciting news first!

Puerto Peñasco and Sonora made history in 2020 with the departure of the Astoria cruise ship to the Sea of Cortez in early January, an event widely celebrated by authorities of the three levels of government, businessmen, tourism service providers and the general population.

When the first cruise advertisement appeared in the Shetland Journal in 1835 to visit Scotland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, no one foreshadowed such a success for cruises in the centuries to come. Cruises have provided many passengers with years of experience, with its own identity as a symbol of relaxation, exclusivity, entertainment and quality, which is now available to many more people. On January 9, the Astoria cruise ship, was the first one that leaves for the Sea of Cortez with a round trip to Puerto Peñasco.

Some great Rocky Point resorts

First, discover what is available in Rocky Point.  Listed below are the most recommended Rocky Point resorts to either purchase or spend your vacation.  In Rocky Point, you’ll find some great condos for every purpose:  vacation rental, income condos, and condos for personal use.  Read below to learn which Rocky Point resorts will meet your expectations, and more.

Laguna Shores Resort

The city of Puerto Peñasco, home to a community largely  dedicated to tourism and real estate, is known for the diversity of tourist complexes or resorts that make up such economic activity. There is enough quality among those who are  edicated to it and many options for foreigners or nationals who are   interested in getting involved with a part of what Puerto Peñasco   has to offer. Among the different options, there’s one that stands out: Laguna Shores Resort.

Mr. Wayne Corcoran, Resort Manager, Marketing Director and Real Estate Broker for Laguna Shores, explained topics about this uncommon resort, beginning with the fact that it is a Private Master Planned Oceanfront Community.

Las Palomas Resort resumes construction

Las Palomas is the #1 resort on Sandy Beach in Puerto Peñasco with amenities such as 8 swimming pools, 3 hot tubs, 2 lazy rivers, pool bars, restaurants and a championship golf course.

Las Palomas has 844 condominiums currently built and operating in Phase 1 and Phase 2. The resort has grown a reputation as the best on the beach with families flocking to the resort’s pristine
beaches any chance they get to relax and enjoy time together.

The best news is that Phase 3 of this super tourist complex has been restarted with the participation of a company by the name of Adamantine based in Mexico City.  They have confirmed the revival of the project. He informed us that the first building of Phase 3 will be finished in 18 months and the second building will be completed approximately 9 months later, both will set a new standard of luxury on Sandy Beach. The developer will complete approximately 60 percent of the Phase 3 common area as part of the construction over the next 2 years.

Come visit soon!

So come visit Rocky Point and discover the closest beach town to Phoenix, Arizona, only about 60 miles south of the border.  And remember – after you visit, you’ll return frequently.  So, when that happens, remember Anchor Storage: the place to keep your things secure in Rocky Point.  It’s always easier to store your beach things, jet skis, and other large and small items than it is to haul them down time after time.

Thank you for reading Uncover the amazing resorts in Rocky Point along the Sea of Cortez, written by Greg Hixon of RE-MEX-IMAGE and Hixonic Web Specialists.  Be sure to check out other posts here in the Anchor Storage blog.  You’ll uncover the many wonderful aspects of Rocky Point, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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