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Cholla Bay: Come see BATMAN’S LAIR!

In the bosom of a small community called Cholla Bay, on the north side of Rocky Point, where Sandy Hill ascends overhead, and the spray of the sea thickens the cool night air, there lies a palace, so tall in splendor that it towers over the town.  This majestic, yet ominous citadel is labeled by Google Earth as “La Casa del Gringo Loco.”  There, lives Rocky Point’s premier real-estate broker, Susie Flinn, and her husband, Ray Flinn – El Gringo Loco.

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Real Estate in Puerto Peñasco: First-time buyer starter guide to purchasing real estate in Rocky Point, Mexico

What an exciting time to purchase real estate in Puerto Peñasco.  Prices are steadily rising, additional resorts and communities are being built, and two cruise liners are scheduled to start docking in Puerto Peñasco by 2020.  That’s only two years away!  Therefore, Puerto Peñasco, also knows as Rocky Point, Mexico, is quickly becoming “the place to buy” in Mexico.

Are you a first-time buyer, or a first-time buyer of real estate in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico?  This guide is written to help you understand your options.  Here, I’ll reveal the small hurdles you’ll encounter.  And, I’ll show you just how easy and safe it is to buy real estate in Mexico.

So let’s get started…

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Pinacate: The GIANT VOLCANOES near Rocky Point

Located just a few miles north of Rocky Point, Mexico, El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve is a 600-square-mile volcanic region.  It has over 400 cinder cones that were created by exploding volcanoes.  Also, the reserve has tunnels (lava tubes), ash, lava fields, and lava rocks, scattered all around the area.  And, it has two GIANT VOLCANOES!

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