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Susie Flinn: The woman behind the top name in Rocky Point real estate

Susie Flinn has the biggest name in Rocky Point real estate, which she developed for almost 12 years now.  To begin with, she’s owned a home in Cholla Bay for about 40 years now – a community on the north side of Rocky Point.

About 12-years ago, when Susie Flinn and her husband, Ray Flinn, finally decided to live in Cholla Bay full-time, she chose to pursue a career in the booming real-estate market of Rocky Point.  Susie started her career with ReMax, where she learned the ropes and became a licensed Real-Estate Agent.  From the beginning, she had her sights set on becoming the top Real-Estate Agent in Rocky Point.

Susie Flinn owned it

As a business-minded person, Susie always knew that she needed to “own it” in order to be successful.  So, while learning from others, she always stayed ahead of the learning curve.  She would challenge the other agents by showing them how quickly she could make it happen.  In other words, she mastered the fine points of Mexican real estate very fast, and she became a solid resource of knowledge.  Customers noticed that about her, and were attracted to her wisdom and her honesty.

Her first key to success was exactly that!

Wisdom and honesty

Wisdom and honesty became her signature trademark among the real-estate community in Rocky Point, and her customers knew it.  Almost 12-years later, those original customers continue to rely on her expertise for their real-estate transactions in Rocky Point.  If difficulties might exist with a certain transaction, Susie will always lay those on the table first.  She hides nothing, and her customers know that they can always count on that.

Susie Flinn’s second key to success is publicity.  With the help of her husband, Ray Flinn, Susie has placed her name all over town.  She has big, bold signs throughout Rocky Point with her name on them, along with “Rocky Point Real Estate By the Sea,” her contact information, and the statement: “WE WANT YOUR LISTING.”  Finally, she has a great web site that really stands out.  Yes, she provides all of the current listings – but there’s more.  She publishes wonderful information about Rocky Point, with videos and photos, and a blog, where she posts valuable insights regularly.

Susie Flinn: Rocky Point Real Estate Broker

After working for ReMax for six years, she became a licensed broker, which allowed her to operate independently.  She continued to work for ReMax until an opportunity presented itself with Coldwell Banker.  So, she was finally able to completely own it with her new real-estate franchise under Coldwell Banker in Rocky Point.  By that time, the real-estate community in Rocky Point respected her greatly.  And, she had hundreds of prospects following her along with hundreds of satisfied clients.

As a broker with her Coldwell Banker franchise, Susie Flinn flourished in the Rocky Point real-estate market.  With her own staff of agents and assistants, Susie dominated the real-estate market and became Rocky Point’s premier real-estate broker.  Her success was founded on both her business-minded approach to her career along with her drive to succeed.  And, maintaining her reputation for wisdom and honesty provided the cement to hold it all together.

Independence day

On July 4th, 2017, Susie Flinn declared independence from Coldwell Banker and set out on her own.  She started out with one agent, who then moved on to property management.  Then, she brought on Greg Hixon – Rocky Point Greg, who is Susie Flinn’s assistant. and is working to become a real-estate agent for Susie’s Rocky Point Real Estate By the Sea.

Client reviews

Bob Morgan wrote:

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L. R. wrote:

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Ray Flinn

Just a quick note about Susie Flinn’s husband Ray:  He not only helps Susie get the word out, he also has a secret identity, which I’ve written about HERE.  Please check it out.  It starts with a great story about Ray, but then it reveals the inside scoop about Cholla Bay.

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Susie Flinn – the person

Susie Flinn’s father instilled a great work ethic in her at a young age.  Her success in life is clearly a testament to that.  Her first career was in the field of nursing.  Then, she became a Registered Nurse.  After graduating from Chapman University, Susie quickly moved up the ladder to become Hospital Administrator, after working within all facets of the medical industry.  Her great upbringing served her well.

Hearts of gold

Not having any children of their own, Ray and Susie Flinn’s immediate family consists of just them and their four dogs, and two cats.  All six of their animals were rescued and taken in as pets in their household.  It’s hard to tell that their dogs and cats once lived on the streets in Mexico.  They are well disciplined and very gentile.  Also, their individual personalities really shine through.  Obviously, their pets are loved and well cared for – Susie calls them her “furry kids.”

cholla bay, rpgreg, rocky point greg, greg hixon, susie flinn, rocky point real estate by the sea

Horse-Shoe Champion

Susie Flinn is the Horse-Shoe champion of Rocky Point.  In order to get out and mingle with the community, Susie competes with horse shoes two times per week.  She wins most of the time…  What a competitor she is!

cholla bay, rpgreg, rocky point greg, greg hixon, susie flinn, rocky point real estate by the sea

cholla bay, rpgreg, rocky point greg, greg hixon, susie flinn, rocky point real estate by the sea


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