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Rocky Point Fishing Services on the Sea of Cortez

Are you ready for a wonderful vacation in Rocky Point, Mexico?  Okay then!  Go ahead and book your lodging now.  Then, make your plans to head out with Captain Pepe of Rocky Point Fishing Services – they will help you create the day you’ve been looking for.  Also, everything for fishing is provided – just show up!

You may bring your own beer and food, or Rocky Point Fishing Services can cater everything for you – it’s your choice.  So, let them take care of everything, and just enjoy your time out on the beautiful Sea of Corez.

What does Rocky Point Fishing Services offer?

Enjoy a wonderful day, half-day or several-day trip on the gorgeous Sea of Cortez – Rocky Point Fishing Services is here to give you a time to remember!  And, you can pick one of several options.  You may go fishing, take a sunset cruise, enjoy whale watching, jump in for snorkeling or scuba diving, visit Bird Island, OR, go overnight for a real fishing adventure!  Once you decide, Captain Pepe will ensure you have a great time and catch lots of fish.

Now, I’ll elaborate…

Rocky Point fishing

Head out on Rocky Point Fishing Services’ fully-equipped boat, the Caballo del Mar.  Captain Pepe, who’s been fishing the enchanting Sea of Cortez for over 40 years, provides his crew to take care of everything, just for you.

First, you’ll steam out to the best fishing spot.  Then, the crew will hand you a rod, and even bait it for you, if you wish.  Whether you’re an experienced angler, a rookie, or a mixed group, Captain Pepe’s crew will ensure you have a memorable trip.  Also, experienced anglers are welcome to bring their own gear.  So, get ready to hook up with some awesome fish.

Fish species

Some of the species of fish you’ll encounter include:  Dorado, Black Sea Bass, Flounder, Gold Spotted Bass, Gulf Grouper, Pinto Bass, Leopard Grouper, Red Snapper Trigger Fish, and White Sea Bass.  For more information about fishing with Rocky Point Fishing Services, just click on the “+” to expand the details.  Also, here is the link to their web site.

Rocky Point Fishing Services
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Sunset cruise on the Caballo del Mar

There’s nothing quite like a sunset cruise on the Sea of Cortez.  So, come and experience this for yourself and see how the light, the colors, and the beautiful weather combine for an experience you won’t soon forget.

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Visit Bird Island

Bird Island is a small island group, not far from Rocky Point.  Therefore, the boat trip only takes about an hour and a half.  On the way, you’ll see dolphins, sea turtles, and other sea life.  Upon arrival, you can snorkel with the sea lions that populate the islands.

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With both American & Mexican ownership, Rocky Point Fishing Services is fully licensed, permitted and insured for their clients safety, enjoy-ability and reliability.  Also, their boats are very reliable.  Both boats have two heavy-duty engines.  Therefore, they can go long distances very safely!

Now, more about their two great boats…

I’ve already mentioned the Caballo del Mar, but there’s more about it below.  Now, please let me introduce Big Momma, a 48-foot Californian long-range cruiser, that is capable of traveling from coast-to-coast.  She will always take you to and from your destination safely.  So, read more about these two awesome boats, right now…

Caballo del Mar

Caballo del Mar, rocky point fishing, rpgreg, rocky point greg, greg hixon, susie flinn, rocky point real estate by the sea

The Caballo del Mar is a 44-foot sport-fishing cruiser with two staterooms and two heads (bathrooms) – one with a shower.  It was re-powered in 2011 with twin Yanmar diesel engines for reliability and comfort.  There’s a 14′ cockpit that is roomy for several fisherman.  Then, there’s lots of room in the covered top deck for parties.  And, there’s a galley for food prep when you get hungry.

Big Momma

big momma, rocky point fishing, rpgreg, rocky point greg, greg hixon, susie flinn, rocky point real estate by the sea

Big Momma can hold up to 32 passengers, according to the Coast Guard specifications.  There are two heads and two showers for your convenience.  And, she sleeps eight and can accommodate up to 12 over-night clients.

This boat has all of the amenities for comfortable tours.  There’s air conditioning in the salon and in the rooms.  Also, there’s a full-size refrigerator with freezer in the salon, along with a microwave oven and a four-burner electric stove with oven.

For your fresh catch, there’s a big freezer on-deck to keep the fish fillets frozen.  Then, Big Momma is a walk-around boat that is easy to fish from front to back.  Next, there are two decks with comfortable seating to relax and enjoy your favorite music and the beautiful view of the Sea of Cortez.  To conclude, this is a very roomy, comfortable boat that you’ll totally love!

Please be sure to visit their Facebook page and give it a LIKE.  That way, you’ll stay up-to-date…

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