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Rocky Point: A visitor’s guide to this great Mexican beach town

When you arrive to Rocky Point, you will notice the sparkling Sea of Cortez!  Most people say that seeing it for the first time was better than they expected.  Although, the dusty drive into Sandy Beach is not as entrancing as most would have imagined.   But of course, the high-rise resorts are just like those of Los Cabos, but cheaper.  It is a sprawling beachfront complex with pools, hot tubs and a swim-up bar, all steps from the sand of Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco.

Wrecked at the Reef

A popular waterfront bar and grill called Wrecked at the Reef is just a one-mile walk down, along Sandy Beach.  And, it is the perfect spot for a lazy welcome dinner and live music, while enjoying a cold beer.

An eager waiter will usually swooped in and ask where you want to sit.  They will bring you to a nice table and chairs to a spot in the sand with nothing in front of you but the ocean. To the left, watch a sand volleyball game. Behind you, listen to a rock or a country singer from Phoenix on stage.  Then, on the TVs in the bar the Arizona Diamondbacks may be on, while beating the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Enjoy the Fresh Mexican Cuisine

If for no other reason — truly, if you spend your entire time doing one thing in Rocky Point — it should be eating. Known for its history as a shrimp fishing hub, Rocky Point’s south-of-the-border seafood cuisine is second to none. Even down to the most simple tacos al pastor and quesadillas, you won’t be hard-pressed to find delicious food here. Restaurants we recommend include Capones, Casa del Capitan, Colin’s Cantina, and La Fondita. If you can’t make it down south, check out our rundown on the Best Mexican Food (Outside of Mexico).

Go for a walk the Malecón

Back in town, make sure to set aside some time to stroll the area known as the Malecon, the main street and pier in Puerto Peñasco complete with beachfront hotels, restaurants, and great little tiendas for trinket shopping. This vibrant part of town is known as the “Old Port,” and is a great place to wander, people watch, and take photos of the giant famous statue of a man sitting on a shrimp.

Come chill on the Beach

If you’re more inclined to stay dry on the sand, Rocky Point has more than a few options, and the Puerto Peñasco weather is more than ideal. Some of the most popular beaches here include Playa Arenosa (which is often dubbed ‘Arizona Beach,’ as it’s the closest beach to the U.S. state of Arizona), Las Conchas, and Sandy Beach. Rocky beaches are famous for having intense sun and minimal shade, so be prepared with sunscreen and umbrellas. Other beaches to consider are Playa Hermosa, which is good for water sports, and Playa Mirador.

Come visit Rocky Point soon!

So come visit Rocky Point and discover the closest beach town to Phoenix, Arizona, only about 60 miles south oKeep in mind that even in whale season and for many different reasons no cruise can guarantee actual whale sightings. Suggested protocols to ensure the protection of whales during whale watching  trips:f the border.  And remember – after you visit, you’ll return frequently.  So, when that happens, remember Anchor Storage: the place to keep your things secure in Rocky Point.  It’s always easier to store your beach things, jet skis, and other large and small items than it is to haul them down time after time.

Thank you for reading Rocky Point: A visitor’s guide to this great Mexican beach town, written by Greg Hixon of REMEX-IMAGE.  Be sure to check out other posts here in the Anchor Storage blog.  You’ll uncover the many wonderful aspects of Rocky Point, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

Time to see the artistic flare of Rocky Point

Rocky Point, a city where the sea meets the desert, is a very active area culturally, now that COVID-19 recovery is underway – Rocky Point is NOW OPEN!  It’s time to see the artistic flare of Rocky Point!  There are many opportunities for Rocky Point to grow in particular on the artistic side. The reason may be the Se of Cortez spectacular sunsets, the sea breeze or the beauty of the sand, the cultural diversity or the contrast of languages, all are good guesses because the list of possible reasons to be inspired artistically is growing constantly.

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Come see Isla San Jorge for an experience of a lifetime

Isla San Jorge (San Jorge Island) is a group of small rocky islands 27 miles or 50 kilometers from the city of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. Different marine species live and / or pass through this area in their long migratory trips, not to mention the enormous number of birds that rest in that small marine oasis; so much so that some call it Bird Island.

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anchor storage, rocky point

Rocky Point begins Phase 6 of the COVID-19 recovery plans

There was a Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) Municipal Health & Safety Advisory Board video conference on July 28th as a precautionary health measure to check on the stats of COVID-19 recovery.  Great news!  They had approved phase 6 of the city’s reactivation plan.  Then, in a July 30th press release, the Puerto Peñasco mayor, Ernesto Kiko Munro, called for joint responsibility from all establishments entrusted with helping to restart the economy.  Also, the people of Puerto Peñasco, as community, were told that participation is fundamental to the fight against Covid-19.

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