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“The Road of the Fallen” The Sonoran roots in cinematography

A large portion of the Mexican territory is covered by the desert, an area that is an important part of the cultural imagination of many states, especially the Sonora and from it countless, stories have been created (both factual and fictional).

In Puerto Peñasco, the desert represents one of its two most significant parts along with the sea (territorially speaking) however, this time it takes the baton for being the main battleground of The Road of the Fallen which was adapted to a screenplay with the same name, a novel written by the Puerto Peñasco native writer Guillermo Munro Palacio. Written since 1997, the 74 year-old author talks about the history and the accomplishment of both the novel and the film.

The Road of the Devil, as it was originally titled, experienced many changes and adaptations over the years and it was written in both English and Spanish, this was due to Munro’s incursion in the United States cinema when he lived in said country. This is set between the years of 1929 and 1931, during the times of the Great Depression, the religious persecution, the Chinese persecution and the prohibition of alcohol, among others.

It tells us on how a group of individuals are forced to live together for a mission they have in common: to cross the desert to get to Mexicali and cross the border. A woman and her sick husband, another woman who is looking for her grandchildren, a man running from the law, the secretary of the Anti-Chinese Committee, a family made up of a Chinese male, a Mexican female and a girl, as well as other characters who are added (or subtracting) to the equation of the trip, like two alcohol smugglers. Those are who make up the group of characters of the story.The Road of the Fallen might seem valid today due to the juxtaposition with social, economic and political situations; however, if we take into account that the first version was written 21 years ago, we can ask ourselves: “what was the main reason of the story?” The answer could come from the fact that Munro loves history and its variations. When he started writing the novel, he was attracted to 1931 particularly, and based on that, he decided to write a story to show what was happening in Sonora at that time, a sort of reflection through the narration.

About the adaptation of the novel as a screenplay film, Munro said the film was produced by Bertha Navarro (The faunolabyrinth), directed by Alejandro Springall (The thin yellow line), with participating actors Joaquín Cosío, Juan Manuel Bernal and Giovanna Zacarías, and will surely stand out as part of the current production of quality films that are being made in Mexico considering that in recent years our country has experienced a process of film evolution that goes hand in hand with great directors, producers and actors, a film industry that unveils talent and is on the road to make history.

Be sure to take into account the cultural and artistic potential of Puerto Peñasco so we have our ears on news such as the filming of The Road of the Fallen, an event that was possible thanks to
the vision of Guillermo Munro Palacio who made it into a novel. Always attentive to high quality information we remain committed on delivering first hand news.

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