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The legendary mine of the Sierra Pinta near Rocky Point

Sixty-eight years before John Stone began the construction of the Marine Club in 1927, the mining and Foundry Company of the Sierra Pinta bustled with workers who lived and worked at the mine in the sierra. They were people from the nearby towns, from Quitovac, Sonoyta, Caborca, Altar and all those places. Gold prospectors that made a living with the gold they found at the placer

The exploitation started before 1860, when gold was found in all the surroundings of this region such as Quitovac, El Plomo, La Ciénega, San Luisito, La Antimonio, and many other nearby mining
places of this region of Sonora. Those who know say that the Spaniards were the first who exploited it, using the Tohono O’Odham to drill the tunnels. Later the Mexican and American prospectors, and in 1890 during the Porfirio Díaz government -with his people in Sonora-, who found out about the discovery of this rich mineral were not able to hide it. Thus, in association with a British company they began to work in a more intense and sophisticated manner.

the mine was exploited in every form

The truth, is that the mine was exploited in every form, doing excavations, beds, roads, warehouses and stone warehouses, mills, wells, foundries, luxury residences for the managers or foremen both in the mine and in the estuary (Now the Mayan Palace), offices, shops, a bar and housing for workers. You may imagine the joyful celebration that always surrounded these mining settlements visited by circuses, musicians, boxing events, prostitutes and gamblers.

I have in my possession the 1930 census with the names of the inhabitants of that place. We can still find traces of the greatness existed because of that mineral.

In the Sierra Pinta stands still a building with wide stone walls where their offices were and during its heydays the roof had two wings and a nice roofed porch where in the afternoons the managers, administrators and foremen sat to admire the extraordinary scenery going towards the infinity. Unfortunately this place has been ransacked through the years since it was abandoned by the English company first and then by the others. Now only remains what people could not carried away like the floors and the stone walls; everything else: ceilings, wood, tin and furniture is gone.

best years for the Sierra Pinta

The visitors can use their imagination and picture the greatness of the best years for the Sierra Pinta, and feel the presence of those who lived and worked the mineral. On the very top of the mine of the Sierra Pinta was the best building with a beautiful view of the four cardinal points. In this house where the manager’s room was, existed -and still are some traces of a toilet including a sink and a bath tub, when you imagine being there you cannot help but feel an immense nostalgia for everything that was and is not there anymore. The old residents from Sonoyta use to say that this was a beautiful building American style, made of wood, with a single bedroom with a gable roof. It is easy to see the picture in your mind, as it is also easy to imagine the bighorn sheep
and pronghorn that abounded in that landscape.

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