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Take a trip to the Pinacate Dunes, just north of Rocky Point

Take a vacation with your family in Puerto Peñasco. When you are there, be sure to visit the Pinacate Dunes and the “Schuk Toak” Visitor Center of the El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. You will have a very interesting and impressive experience indeed!

Take the federal highway 8 from Puerto Peñasco towards Sonoyta. Then, at the km. 72 (44.7 miles) to the left is the entrance to the visitor center which is marked with a sign. Once you get there, register in a guestbook and pay a small amount of $60.00 pesos each to access this adventure. At the Visitors Center Schuk Toak (“Sacred Mountain” in tohono o’odham dialect) you will find a lot of interesting and entertaining information.  Make sure you take many photos when you’re there.

Afterwards venture to continue your journey towards the impressive most active Dunes of North America…

The hike

The hike is a bit complicated (wear good hiking shoes), since someone who is not used to walking through sand and sinking at every step can take it as a challenge, however, it is one hundred percent worth it. The view is amazing.  It’s hard to believe that something so beautiful could be in the middle of the desert! The sand dunes are a natural spectacle that you should see at least once in a lifetime, they are huge and the best thing of all is that you don’t need to wait in line to see them.

As everything that is worthwhile, it is hard work: you must walk about an hour and 40 minutes to arrive on top of them, but time flies when you go with people who motivate you during the whole journey and you see all the animals of the desert that cross your path on the way.

If what you want is an escape from the routine and at the same time to enjoy an impressive landscape (the kind you don’t see every day) this is the trip you have to do. As a recommendation, I would tell you to wear comfortable footwear, a hat, long sleeves, bring plenty of water and a cane to support you during the long walk, sunscreen and the best company you can find. This trip will be one of the most unforgettable for you.  So, let the adventure begin!

Come visit soon!

So come visit Rocky Point and discover the closest beach town to Phoenix, Arizona, only about 60 miles south of the border.  And remember – after you visit, you’ll return frequently.  So, when that happens, remember Anchor Storage: the place to keep your things secure in Rocky Point.  It’s always easier to store your beach things, jet skis, and other large and small items than it is to haul them down time after time.

Thank you for reading Take a trip to the Pinacate Dunes, just north of Rocky Point, written by Greg Hixon of RE-MEX-IMAGE and Hixonic Web Specialists.  Be sure to check out other posts here in the Anchor Storage blog.  You’ll uncover the many wonderful aspects of Rocky Point, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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