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Puerto Peñasco drives the tourism industry in Sonora during 2019

At the end of 2019, Puerto Peñasco registered a constant growth in tourism in Sonora, even above other destinations in Mexico generating an economic windfall of 800 million Pesos per year with 2,270,000 visitors.

Dr. Luis Núñez Noriega, coordinator of the Commission for Promotion of Tourism in the State of Sonora, took stock of this strategic sector, which according to recent data is growing at rates above 7 percent of the Gross Domestic Product.

Tourism in Sonora is creating an economic benefit of around 20 billion pesos annually, with more than 5,700,000 tourists visiting the State from other Mexican states and other countries. Rocky Point stands out and has maintained a growth record since 2015, all with a number of very important variables.

The official says that that the confidence in this port is shown throughout the year with the organization of major events that are organized here, consolidating it as one of the main tourist destinations of Sonora.

Question#1 for Dr. Luis Núñez Noriega

From the federal budget for 2020, what is the scenario that they forecast for the tourism sector in promotion and infrastructure, particularly for Rocky Point?

–Due to the federal budget situation, 2020 will be a year of many challenges for the Commission for Promotion of Tourism in Sonora as well for the Government of the Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano. That is why in this scenario we have been working since 2019 to improve the services and tourism products offered to continue the growth of tourism in the entity.

We have launched important programs such as Sonora with ACTITUR, which is based in training our service providers and every person that has the first contact with the tourist in order to offer a better customer service to our visitors.

Puerto Peñasco is not the exception: for we have organized a lot of training with providers, business chambers and with the municipal authorities for the sole purpose of encouraging the destination more and thereby attracting more visitors to this renowned destination of Sonora.

The confidence in Rocky Point is shown with the investments of private companies that invest more than 2,600,000,000 Pesos in construction and expansion of space to accommodate tourists, also shown with the arrival of the first cruise which will sail to and from Puerto Peñasco.

So, with the encouragement of the hotels and companies, the tourism businesses should grow in Rocky Point to a rate above 8 percent of the Gross Domestic Product which will be important.

Thanks to the tourist policy promoted by the Government of the State, the tourist promotion of the municipality and the Office of Visitors and Conventions, business chambers, hotels and others, Rocky Point will grow more in 2020 and shall be positioned even more as one of the best tourist destinations of Sonora and the North of Mexico.

We will continue to drive this destination like the rest of Sonora, as we must make tourism the main economic engine of Sonora.

Question#2 for Dr. Luis Núñez Noriega

What are the main activities on behalf of the Tourism Coordination focused to support this sector in 2020, in addition to those already applied in 2019?

–The key to boost tourism in Sonora, such as in Peñasco continue with the promotion activities in other regions of the country, especially with our neighbors in the United States: Arizona and California.

Let’s remember that geographically speaking, Rocky Point is located in a privileged place so we must focus in attracting the tourist who are on the north side of the border, as well as attracting more visitors of our neighbors in Mexico, such as Chihuahua, Baja California and Sinaloa.

Another action that we will renew in 2020 shall be the teamwork with the municipalities and their service providers. We consider it important not to lower our standards in coordination with them.

Without a doubt, another priority project for 2020 is Treasures of Sonora Program, which was presented last year by the Governor and in which five locations were chosen with great distinction.

With this edition, in addition to endorsing the certification of the five locations already chosen, new places can join this program and have access to state resources for the improvement of their destination infrastructure.

Is been planned to reinforce this program in 2020, so that soon the special integrated committee will gather to make the announcement and for the election and selection of the new Treasures of Sonora. So, the expectations are positive for Puerto Peñasco and Sonora for this year that has just begun.

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Thank you for reading Puerto Peñasco drives the tourism industry in Sonora during 2019,written by Greg Hixon of RE-MEX-IMAGE and Hixonic Web Specialists.  Be sure to check out other posts here in the Anchor Storage blog.  You’ll uncover the many wonderful aspects of Rocky Point, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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