PACKING TIPS PART 2: 5 more tips for packing boxes efficiently

Are you starting to pack up for a big move, or are you putting your  stuff into storage?  This truly is overwhelming, right?  Where should you start? Well, the best place to start is part one of this post: PACKING TIPS: 8 tips for packing boxes efficiently.  Then, in this post, I’ll show you eight more great tips on how to pack your stuff well.

What do the packing pros have to say?

Just like I stated in part one, when you read advice from professionals, you quickly discover three key point.

  1. Prevent damage – many of your things are fragile
  2. Make sure you reduce stress ahead of time
  3. Create a plan so you can make your packing experience simpler

Packing tip #1 – Prepare a packing list

Based on what you are packing up, it’s always a good idea to prepare a list ahead of time.  Packing your winter items?  First, think of all of the things you want to include in your list: Long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, jackets, gloves and mittens, and so on.  Then, take a walk-around and add things to your list as you see them in various places.  Then, once you’re completely confident that you’ve included everything, you’ll be able to pack things in a much more organized fashion.

Packing tip #2 – Prevent staining

Have you ever packed up your light clothes and then found stains on them after you unpack them? Now, you can avoid this problem forever. To begin with, always make sure your light colored clothes are packed inside out.  Then, using recycled plastic grocery bags, cover the base of your shoes..

This works wonders!

Packing tip #3 – Use a vacuum pack

To save space and stop creasing with your clothing items, roll your clothes instead of folding them.  Then, place them in vacuum compression bags.  To use these bags, put your clothes inside, seal the bag, and squeeze out the air out.  This will leave you with much more space inside of your suitcase.  And, this will prevent creases.

Packing tip #4 – Use packing cubes for your clothes

Another good packing solution is to use packing cubes.  These help you to separate items much more effectively.  And, you’ll be able to find things a lot more quickly when you unpack your stuff.

Packing tip #5 – Keep your clothes smelling fresh

As I’m sure you understand, it’s a good idea to keep your clothes smelling fresh while they’re packed.  Adding in a small bag of potpourri, fabric conditioner sheets or scented drawer liners, you’ll keep your clothes smelling great while they’re being stored.

Now that you’ve read through these effective packing tips, be sure to print and take this list with you.  You don’t want to make a mistake that can cause frustration, unnecessary expense, or even injury.  Unpacking should be a breeze if you pack correctly to begin with.  Then, after you unpack everything, be sure to tell your past-self  “thank you” for being so considerate.

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