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Islas del Mar: Take a look at this unique project

Eloy Cañadas, General Sales Director for Salvago, in Islas del Mar (former name Laguna del Mar) spoke about different important characteristics describing that project: Islas del Mar is a development that in addition to offering real estate products such as homes and lots, it is governed by four very clear concepts: Mexican authenticity, multi-generational development, nature conservation (total sustainability is sought, the organic) and a sense of community.

Like in every growing city, Puerto Peñasco is supported by different economic activities that are constantly changing. Part of this is the tourism and real estate, sectors that are taken very seriously in our community since the groups involved in them are preparing more every day to offer unique services with the best standards of quality in order to excel and take Puerto Peñasco to a higher level.

Grupo Salvago

The investment of the Grupo Salvago comes from Spain, and covers approximately 50% of the total project of Islas del Mar and the market found has been a blend of all local and foreign economic sectors, even people from other states of the republic have sought to be part of it, by buying lots to build their own homes. This means that to build them, a design

and construction guidelines have to be followed. A conceptual project is presented describing the height, elevations or lateral and frontal facades, the living area, colors and materials, among others.

The lot sizes are 500 square meters minimum or 5,400 square feet. You can choose between lots with a view of the Mar de Cortés or the lagoons, or the golf course. Regardless where it is located, each lot has a unique view and houses that face the water may have their own dock for their boat. “We want it to be a completely harmonious community. Bicycle stations are projected and clean sports will be promoted constantly besides golf. “

Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course

The development has 2.5 kilometers of beach front with private access, as well as a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course with nine active holes and a maximum projection of four years to complete nine. Also, on the property there are 60 hectares of artificial navigable lagoons that are filled daily with natural tides, where you can do kayaking, paddle board, swimming, snorkeling and take rides in electric boats.

The paved streets, the infrastructure (water, light, drainage) as well as telecom, cable and internet with fiber optic in a gated community with 24 hours security, among other amenities add values to the environment, everything handled under very high standards, mentioning also that they have a desalination plant and a drainage and sewer system that carries the wastewater to a treatment plant that recycles them and later reuse it to irrigate the golf course.


For the maintenance, an HOA fee per the lot will cover the maintenance of the golf course for the right to use it, which actually is the lowest dues in Puerto Peñasco avoiding the
purchase of a mandatory membership.

This fee also covers 24 hours security, cleaning of the streets and maintaining the infrastructure of the common areas. “We are aware that what really adds value to a house
is the environment, so we want the maintenance dues going directly for the upkeep of the community.”

Come visit soon!

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