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Exciting locations to visit near Rocky Point you didn’t know about

There are some very exciting locations to visit when you come to Rocky Point – too many to mention here.  But, there are some very noteworthy locations that are too important to not mention.  Therefore, keep reading and uncover some exciting locations near Rocky Point you didn’t know about.


Located just a few miles north of Rocky Point, Mexico, El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve is a 600-square-mile volcanic region.  It has over 400 cinder cones that were created by exploding volcanoes.  Also, the reserve has tunnels (lava tubes), ash, lava fields, and lava rocks, scattered all around the area.  And, it has two GIANT VOLCANOES!

El Elegante, the largest of the bunch, has a one-mile-diameter crater.  And, this GIANT VOLCANO has a rim trail!  That means you can hike its entire 3.14159-mile circumference, while enjoying the spectacular view from every angle.  Also, peer down into its almost 800-foot deep chasm during your hike.  It’s spectacular, to say the least.

There’s another GIANT VOLCANO, called Cerro Colorado.  It’s almost as HUGE as El Elegante.  Notice its red-rock landscape – almost as if Cerro Colorado is from another region, altogether.  Some would argue that this GIANT VOLCANO is the most beautiful of the bunch.  But, come and see them all.  Then, YOU can pick YOUR favorite.

Cholla Bay: Come see BATMAN’S LAIR!

In the bosom of a small community called Cholla Bay, on the north side of Rocky Point, where Sandy Hill ascends overhead, and the spray of the sea thickens the cool night air, there lies a palace, so tall in splendor that it towers over the town.  This majestic, yet ominous citadel is labeled by Google Earth as “La Casa del Gringo Loco.”  There, lives Rocky Point’s premier real-estate broker, Susie Flinn, and her husband, Ray Flinn – El Gringo Loco.

During the day, El Gringo Loco leads a normal life, living on the edge of the Sea of Cortez, overlooking the wonderful coastline and the beautiful sea.  His eight-story castle is a work-in-progress, and he labors over it day in and day out, as he works to complete his giant creation.

Ray of Cholla Bay – The clandestine tycoon

Where did Ray Flinn get the name “El Gringo Loco” by the locals of Cholla Bay?  About 40 years ago, Ray’s truck had a transmission problem.  It only drove in reverse.  So, after driving through town backwards for a time, they called him “The Crazy American” in Spanish.

Ray Flinn by day, El Gringo Loco has a moniker – an alter-ego.  He tears out of his secret lair, beneath his palace.  Out of his Batcave, he accelerates down the road heading into town.  Like a phantom that rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest, BATMAN heads out in his BATMOBILE, in pursuit of justice!  There are banditos afoot in Cholla Bay, and Ray is there to save the day.

Come visit soon!

So come visit Rocky Point and discover the closest beach town to Phoenix, Arizona, only about 60 miles south of the border.  And remember – after you visit, you’ll return frequently.  So, when that happens, remember Anchor Storage: the place to keep your things secure in Rocky Point.  It’s always easier to store your beach things, jet skis, and other large and small items than it is to haul them down time after time.

Thank you for reading Exciting locations to visit near Rocky Point you didn’t know about, written by Greg Hixon of RE-MEX-IMAGE and Hixonic Web Specialists.  Be sure to check out other posts here in the Anchor Storage blog.  You’ll uncover the many wonderful aspects of Rocky Point, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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