COVID-19: How is Rocky Point and Mexico dealing with Coronavirus?

It’s been quite a unique experience dealing with this global pandemic, COVID-19.  We’ve all been affected by it and it’s opened up our eyes to just how susceptible we are to a fast-spreading virus.  But now that we’ve buckled down and put precautions are in place, we’re ready to recover as a better, stronger, and more vigilant people.  And Rocky Point is a shining example of that as they are staying safe!

Before we dive into the state of Rocky Point, let’s look at how COVID-19 has affected Mexico.  As of May 23rd, 2020, there have been 62,527 confirmed cases and 13,347 currently active cases of COVID-19.  Overall, there have been 6,389 deaths in Mexico from the virus.  La Jornada Newspaper is where you can stay informed about the situation in Mexico.

Regarding the state of Sonora where Rocky Point resides, there are indications shown on behalf of the Sonora state Government, as well as the Municipal Government.  In response to the present health contingency of COVID-19 the following has been presented:

  • A Health Barrier has been implemented. That means, no one that isn’t a resident or provider of essential services will be allowed into Puerto Peñasco. Entry is controlled along the Sonoyta, San Luis, and Caborca highways.
  • 24-hour Stay-at-Home curfew is in effect:  People may only leave home for essential services; police agencies will be monitoring movement
  • There is full closure of establishments that do not offer services or products that are truly necessary
  • Beach access will remain closed to prevent crowding
  • Schools will remain closed

If your plans included visiting Rocky Point during the upcoming Semana Santa (Holy Week) or Easter holiday, please contact your hotel in order to change dates so you don’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting in the future and enjoying all that Puerto Peñasco has for you.  It is the responsibility of all of us to protect our city, our port, and our tourists.

When all of this is over, we will be ready to receive visitors again.  You deserve to enjoy the peace and calm of Rocky Point’s beaches.  There, you can celebrate life again along with your friends and family.  Please stay vigilant and this global crisis will be over soon!

Come visit soon!

So come visit Rocky Point and discover the closest beach town to Phoenix, Arizona, only about 60 miles south of the border.  And remember – after you visit, you’ll return frequently.  So, when that happens, remember Anchor Storage: the place to keep your things secure in Rocky Point.  It’s always easier to store your beach things, jet skis, and other large and small items than it is to haul them down time after time.

Thank you for reading COVID-19: How is Rocky Point and Mexico dealing with Coronavirus?, written by Greg Hixon of RE-MEX-IMAGE and Hixonic Web Specialists.  Be sure to check out other posts here in the Anchor Storage blog.  You’ll uncover the many wonderful aspects of Rocky Point, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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