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Security operations in Puerto Peñasco are ready for Easter and Spring Break!

Puerto Peñasco, a Mexican city that is increasingly in the spotlight of the world, is a developing tourist destination with incredible potential, and like any place of holiday preference it experiences different seasons of a greater or lesser flow of visitors. An example of the first one happens from the middle of March through the beginning of April, a period that makes up Easter Week and Spring Break in 2018. Like in all destinations of its class, different public services are necessary to guarantee the welfare of its visitors, as well as its residents, among which is the public security service headed by Marcos Alejandro Preciado Valenzuela, Municipal Public Safety Commissioner of Puerto Peñasco and member of the State Police. Mr Valenzuela shared with Peñasco Magazine some ideas related to this topic.

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Wake your senses by sailing to San Jorge Island: An experience of a lifetime

San Jorge Island is a group of small rocky islands 27 miles or 50 kilometers from the city of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. Different marine species live and / or pass through this area in their long migratory trips, not to mention the enormous number of birds that rest in that small marine oasis; so much so that some call it Bird Island.

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Following the immigration process in Rocky Point

The immigration process is a multifaceted matter and there are many procedures involved. The Temporary or permanent residences are the most requested In Puerto Peñasco: “When an alien comes to Mexico he/she usually has two intentions: the first, to live temporarily or permanently in the country and the second is to buy real estate; in either case, a legal residence status will be requested and the Treasury Department will request a NUE (Alien Unique Number), granted by the National Institute of Migration to a legal resident in Mexico only, therefore it is mandatory to be a legal resident.”

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The delicious gastronomy of Puerto Peñasco

The gastronomic variety Puerto Peñasco offers covers a wide range of options, the first on the list being excellent seafood. This includes “mariscada”, shellfish, “aguachiles”, cocktails, soups and “ceviches”, not to mention the diversity of dishes that can be made with fillets of different fish and seafood.  Coming to Rocky Point, Mexico is no longer just about eating Mexican food.

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